iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is water resistant, but only in small doses At the presentation of the iPhone 12, Apple promised that the phone would be able to withstand more than 30 minutes under water up to 6 metres deep. This is exactly what CNET wanted to verify through a video. The demonstration is in two parts, the first test consists of keeping the iPhone on underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters, to determine if Apple’s claims are justified. The second test will test the iPhone 12’s limits on this point with a dive to a depth of over 20m for 40min. For the results of the first test, the iPhone 12 comes out of the water intact even if a slight muffling of the speaker is to be noted but nothing serious. Strangely enough, while this second test pushed the iPhone into extreme conditions that it is not supposed to withstand, it once again comes out of the water without any damage except for the famous “choking” of the speaker. The iPhone 12 was then left to rest, dry, for 72 hours and when turned on, the cameras fogged up and a diagnostic prompt was displayed in the middle of the screen, indicating that the phone may have a problem. In the end, this test proves that Apple’s words are not lies, your iPhone may well fall in the water from time to time for a few seconds or minutes while you recover it, but don’t try to jump in the water 10 times a day with it, especially since Apple doesn’t always guarantee to fix such problems. Can’t wait for a


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